let's cook with sun's energy

Rice cooking is the simplest thing that you can do with KLUMINOS BOX. You can leave the rice and water in the vessel inside the oven at 10.00AM and the perfectly cooked rice will be ready to be served hot at 12 to 12.30 PM. 

Baking cakes are the most interesting thing using the BOX.  You get fluffy backed cakes with perfect crest and consistency.  All this without using your expensive electricity.

Frying, Saute – it is time for the hero- KLUMINOS PARABOLA. You get very high temperatures just like you cook tops. Super easy and fun to cook.

Drop your marinated potato slices onto the preheated tava. The sizzling sound of frying is a great experience. All just with your Kluminos and the Sun.


variety of dishes

You get to do tons of different mouth-watering dishes using just Sun’s energy